How to Stay Healthy in Summer


In addition to keeping Ruebel & Quillen, LLC running smoothly, our Operations Manager, Rachel, is a Holistic Health Coach with Heartsong Health + Wellness, and is constantly inspiring Casey to be more health conscious.  Here are a few of her summer health tips! 

Summer seems to be the busiest time of year – even more so than the holidays.  The days are longer and there’s more daylight to get more done.  We tend to overschedule ourselves during this time of year, so here’s some ideas on how to stay healthy during summer. 

Water – drink it!  Dehydration can lead to many health problems, including; dry lips, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, mental fogginess, and many more.  Experts recommend drinking between 64 oz and .67% of your body weight in water each day.  Have trouble gulping it down? 

Here are a few tips:

  • Get a new water bottle – my new favorite is a glass water bottle – the water actually tastes better and fresher!
  • Cut up some fruit or a veggie like cucumbers to make infused water and add flavor.
  • Fill up a pretty jar or pitcher to keep in your office or at your desk.
  • Steer clear of the chemical laden powders for taste – keep it natural!


Movement – it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and into a routine of moving each day.  Don’t know what to do?  Go for a walk at lunch, join a “step” challenge via the FitBit app or any step-tracker (challenge your co-workers to it), try that new gym you’ve been eyeing, or if you’re in the city, try the bike rental program – Denver’s is always busy.  Hit the local farmers market on the weekend for a nice stroll in an outdoor organic grocery store!  There are so many ways to get moving while the weather is nice. 

Eat whole and real foods.  Packaged food is so attractive, it’s easy, quick and convenient, especially for lunches for busy professionals.  But most of it is highly processed and stuffed with fillers for preservative (neither of which are good for you).

Need a healthy smoothie on the go?  This “travel” blender is great to leave in your desk and plug in at the break room – keep the cup at home with you and fill it up with your favorite fruit, juice and yogurt (bananas also give a nice texture to smoothies).  Add a protein powder and you’ve got a great breakfast idea that will keep you fueled for your morning  meetings!

  • Grab and apple and slather it with Peanut Butter for a high energy mid-morning snack.
  • Packing lunch?  Here’s a great list of ideas to get started.
  • Plenty of new meal services are popping up to give you healthy options at dinner time too. 


Watch your sugar intake.  I find myself surrounded by more “treats” this time of year and why not, there’s much to celebrate!  But sugar can be the number one enemy of draining our energy and even making us sick.  Some ideas to switch up that sugar rush:

  • Cut the sweetener in your morning coffee or tea by half.  Addicted to that sugar packet or the artificial stuff to make your Joe taste sweet?  Slowly cut it down to ½ and then ¼ and then none at all.  If you still need that sweet touch, try honey or agave nectar.
  • Going to a BBQ this weekend?  Bring fresh fruit, a veggie tray or a salsa and chips option.  Some great recipes here (gotta love Pinterest)
  • Skip the water cooler cookies and bring in a plate of something healthy and energizing to share, such as mixed nuts and dried fruit or popcorn (avoid the microwavable style and pop it at home on the stove the night before)!


Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and rest.  Don’t have that early morning meeting tomorrow?  Sleep in a little one day a week – most people need 7-8 hours to fully get the benefits needed for our body.  I try to follow the Ayruvedic methodology for sleep habits.  Also, in our busy society we forget that rest includes play.  Include play in your day.  After dinner, be sure to go outside for a game of catch with the kids, throw the ball with the dog or go see a movie.  A healthy dose of play (laughter included) never hurt anyone!

Self-care.  Ahhhhhhh, that feeling after a good massage or a day off.  Don’t forget to pause, take time out for you and do something that nourishes your soul.  Maybe a good hike in the mountains or just a day off work to catch up on life.  Love massages, facials or getting your nails done, go for it girl?  How about a round of golf with the guys after lunch?  Taking time out for you gives you more energy to do your job and take care of your loved ones at home.

Summer is my favorite time of year, but I tend to easily slip into unhealthy habits easily.  Try these tips to stay healthy and feeling great all summer long!     

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