March 2016 Legislative Update


With approximately 40 days left until sine die, there have been 402 bills introduced into the House and 173 introduced into the Senate for a total of 575 bills (so far).

106 bills have been postponed indefinitely.  The governor has signed 70 bills to date, including:

Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB 16-1017 Victim Impact Panel Appearances For DUI Rep. Pabon and Rep. Lawrence / Sen. Cooke and Sen. Johnston Concerning appearances before a victim impact panel.
HB 16-1019 Broadcast Burns Watershed Protection Rep. Becker / Sen. Jones and Sen. Roberts Concerning increased authority to use broadcast burning as a tool to promote watershed restoration.
HB 16-1026 Repeal DOR Revenue Impact Accounting Requirements Rep. Thurlow and Rep. Kraft-Tharp / Sen. Holbert Concerning the repeal of the department of revenue’s revenue impact accounting requirements related to a group of bills enacted in 2010.
HB 16-1032 Changes To Contents Of Criminal Summons Rep. Lontine / Sen. Todd and Sen. Cooke Concerning changes to the contents of a criminal summons.
HB 16-1125 Aligning Definition Of Veteran With Federal Law Rep. Roupe / Sen. Baumgardner Concerning creating a Colorado statutory reference to conform with the federal definition of “veteran”.
HB 16-1130 Changes To CDE Reports Rep. Priola / Sen. Johnston Concerning changes to annual reports prepared by the Department of Education.
HB 16-1148 Health Benefit Exchange Rules and Policies Rep. Sias / Sen. Roberts and Sen. Kefalas Concerning the oversight authority of the Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee with regard to policies that affect consumers proposed by the health benefit exchange.
HB 16-1161 Allocate Senior Property Tax Exemption Money Rep. Young / Sen. Lambert Concerning the allocation of certain money that exceeds the total amount of all warrants issued by the state treasurer to reimburse local governmental entities for property tax revenues lost as a result of the application of a certain property tax exemption.
HB 16-1241 Supplemental Appropriation Dept. of Higher Education Rep. Hamner / Sen. Lambert Concerning a supplemental appropriation to the Department of Higher Education.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016 – Gov. John Hickenlooper signed these bills into law today.

Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB 16-1051 Forms To Transfer Vehicle Ownership Upon Death Rep. Van Winkle / Sen. Holbert Concerning the issuance of beneficiary designation forms to facilitate the transfer of ownership of a vehicle upon the death of an owner.
HB 16-1064 Medical Marijuana Testing Facility Local Licensing Rep. Brown / Sen. Roberts Concerning local licensing of medical marijuana testing facilities.
HB 16-1091 Change Due Dates For Electric Utility Transmission Plan Rep. Thurlow & Rep. Mitsch Bush / Sen. Sonnenberg Concerning a change to the biennial filing date for rate-regulated electric utilities to submit their plans for transmission facilities to the public utilities commission, and, in connection therewith, deleting the requirement that the commission issue a final order within one hundred eighty days after an application for the construction or expansion of transmission facilities is filed.
HB 16-1119 Modify Sales & Use Tax Exemption For Aircraft Rep. Thurlow / Sen. Holbert Concerning a modification to the number of days that an aircraft may remain in the state after it is purchased for purposes of the sales and use tax exemption on the purchase of certain aircraft.
SB 16-055 Rural Electric Cooperative Election Procedures Rep. Moreno / Sen. Grantham Concerning the conduct of elections to choose the board of directors of a cooperative electric association.
SB 16-063 Intergovernmental Agreement with Out-of State Local Gov Rep. Vigil / Sen. Roberts Concerning the authority of a local government to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with an out-of-state local government to provide critical public services.
SB 16-089 Dept. of State Cash Fund Alternative Max Reserve Rep. Hamner / Sen. Lambert Concerning the establishment of an alternative maximum reserve for the Department of State cash fund.
SB 16-090 Marijuana Health Effects Data Regional Level Rep. Young / Sen. Steadman Concerning the ability of the Department of Public Health and Environment to collect data on marijuana health effects at a regional level.
SB 16-091 Delay Start of Statewide Discovery Sharing System Rep. Hamner / Sen. Lambert Concerning timing of the statewide discovery sharing system.
SB 16-092 State Authority Under Federal Oil Pollution Act Rep. Rankin / Sen. Grantham Concerning the authorization of the state to act pursuant to the federal “Oil Pollution Act of 1990”.
SB 16-093 Transfer Independent Living Services to CDLE Rep. Young / Sen. Lambert Concerning transfer of the oversight of Independent Living Services from the Department of Human Services to the Department of Labor and Employment.
SB 16-095 5 Year DOC Appropriations for Crime Fixes Rep. Young / Sen. Steadman Concerning the five-year appropriations requirement for bills that change the periods of incarceration in state correctional facilities.
SB 16-107 Regulation of Voter Registration Drive Circulators Rep. Pabon / Sen. Cooke Concerning the regulation of voter registration drive circulators, and, in connection therewith, requiring circulators to complete mandatory training.

We are expecting some stragglers over the next few weeks.  As the General Assembly wraps up its session, the pace of bills and hearings can get frantic. Check back at the end of May for a full recap.

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