Three Stress Relief Tips


We’ve all been there, your desk looks like a tornado went through and dumped all your client files in various places around your office. The phone is ringing and it’s almost as loud as the ringing in your head. You’ve got a client coming in for a meeting in 15 minutes and you’re beyond stressed… Want some tips to get through that next 15 minutes so you can go into your meeting refreshed and ready?

I am offering 3 suggestions you could do to calm your mind and body and refocus your energy, and then I’ll offer some more long term solutions to help you avoid getting to that point: 

1. Pile all the papers and set them aside. A clean workspace will help you focus on the one client that you’ll be helping next. Take the file out and spend just five minutes reviewing the needed information for upcoming appointment. Now, you can set that file aside.
2. If you have a private office or a small conference room, go in and close the door. Either sit in a chair or lay on the floor and take the next five minutes to do a one to five minute mediation. Need help doing that? Check out The Anxious Lawyer’s guided mediation tips.
3. You still have five minutes before that meeting, use that time to go for a walk around the office, or stay put in the room you’re in to do some simple stretching. Here’s a fun and lighthearted version to try. 

Now for some tips that can help you avoid that panicked feeling I described above.

1. Create a filing system that works for you – don’t have time? Ask your paralegal or legal assistant to help. I find the step file on my desk to be the most helpful for my most pressing or every day matters. You may prefer the in-drawer option of a daily file with a tickler system. Electronic? Great, keep your e-files organized with the help of your paralegal or legal assistant.

2. In a slump at lunchtime? If you get up 15 minutes earlier each day, you can plan and pack healthy lunches and snacks that will keep your energy up through the entire day. Here are some of my favorites.

a. Mason Jar Salads
b. Real Food Snacks
c. Healthy Work Lunchbox Ideas

3. Keep your body fit! Don’t have time for a full blown workout every day? Check back to those fun exercises above. There are so many things you can do to keep fit, even if you’re not hitting the gym for an hour every day. Try parking in the back of the lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator, stand at your desk, or try sitting on an exercise ball while at your desk. Still overwhelmed about adding that into your routine? Take 15 minutes when you get home at night and do some stretching and meditating. This will help you relax and help you transition into your evening routine.

I’ve offered some simple, yet effective suggestions on how to rework your work station, I hope you take some time out for yourself and keep your mind and body well.

What is your favorite way to get a quick rejuvenation during your work day?

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