Two Can Be As Bad As One


It is hard to believe that it has already been four years since we opened Ruebel & Quillen, with the hope of being a different kind of law firm. 

Unintentionally, I marked our four year anniversary the same way I marked the first official day R&Q opened its doors – out of town.  Away from our busy practice, I had some time to reflect on how some things have changed, and how some have stayed the same.

I had been dissatisfied laboring under the traditional law firm model.  I hoped R&Q could provide the environment where I could focus on serving clients, rather than partners; and we could provide efficient, reasonably priced legal services.  I have not been disappointed.  We have fantastic clients who made the journey to R&Q with us, and stayed, and we have grown our practice significantly with new clients.

In 2011, the firm consisted of only Jeff and me. The phrase “chief cook and bottle washer” was uttered often.  We sometimes struggled to do everything ourselves.  It was difficult for me, who had never had a management role in a firm, to not feel overwhelmed.  But we persevered.

Over the years we have slowly, carefully grown our little firm.  Now, we have an office of six! In hindsight, I see how starting out with only two attorneys and no support staff was as bad as if had we started out solo. 

As our firm grows, our focus on being a different kind of law firm has not faltered, but as we grow, our ability to provide superior client service, in a cost effective manner, has grown too.

I look forward to many more years of success!  

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