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Colorado Supreme Court takes sensible position that lawsuit lending creates debt, so it’s subject to Colorado law governing debt. Unanimous decision (8-0 with J. Gabriel abstaining). Kudos to Jeff Ruebel and Casey Quillen who authored the CCJL/CDLA/PCIAA amicus brief.   You can access the full opinion here. 

You likely heard of the new budget deal agreed to by Congress a week ago. This Federal Budget Agreement, which was worked out behind closed doors, includes surprise provisions authorizing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to increase penalties for the first time since 1990. The Agreement requires OSHA to make a one-time “catch-up” […]

WHEREAS, existing Colorado law concerning construction defects needs a major overhaul to reduce litigations risks to developers while maintaining consumer protections… So begins the pre-amble to Littleton’s ordinance attempting local construction defect litigation reform. Many cities along the Front Range are suffering from a lack of owner-occupied multifamily development, particularly near regional transportation hubs.  The […]

It is hard to believe that it has already been four years since we opened Ruebel & Quillen, with the hope of being a different kind of law firm.  Unintentionally, I marked our four year anniversary the same way I marked the first official day R&Q opened its doors – out of town.  Away from […]

ARBITRATION is the determination of a matter or matters of difference between contending parties, by one or more unofficial persons, chosen by the parties. Legally, an arbitration award can be confirmed as a judgment after due process and evidentiary procedures are completed and the award is filed with a court of appropriate jurisdiction. MEDIATION is […]

COLORADO CASE LAW UPDATE Colorado Court of Appeals Ackerman v. City and County of Denver – Red Rocks is a natural condition for purposes of GIA (CA 07/16/15). While attending a concert, Plaintiffs were struck and injured by rocks that fell from a rock formation that abuts one side of the Red Rocks Park amphitheater. […]

There are a couple ways employees leave employers; typically, they resign or their employment is terminated. These two things can happen very differently. They can be amicable and of no threat to the employer or they can be hasty and sometimes handled in a nasty manner (by either side). We offer suggestions on how to […]

Amendments to C.R.S. § 38-27-101, concerning when and under what circumstances a hospital has a lien for services provided to a person injured due to another person’s negligence, took effect on August 5, 2015. The amendments proscribe additional conditions that must be met before a hospital lien is created.  Specifically, they require a hospital to […]

The Supreme Court issued its opinion in S K Peightal Engineers, LTD v. Mid Valley Real Estate Solutions V, LLC on February 9, 2015. In that case, a developer built several homes on the Western Slope. He then suffered financial problems, and turned the inventory over to the bank, which titled the unsold residences in […]

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